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General Dentistry

The best way to prevent and treat periodontal disease in its earliest stages is to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned at Tischler & Patch Dental. During your cleaning, the plaque deposits will be removed, along with the bacteria responsible for gingivitis. In addition to professional cleanings twice a year, a daily brushing and flossing regimen will help to keep plaque from building up on your teeth and gums. We offer the non-surgical LNAP Laser process for advanced gum disease cases.

At Tischler & Patch Dental, we believe that treating the "whole person" - that is, seeing your dental well-being in the context of your overall health - is the wisest and best way to approach any dental treatment situation. This is part of our practice philosophy. Accordingly, we employ homeopathic remedies for pre- and post-dental treatment care, use only bio-compatible dental materials for restorative work, and offer acupuncture for the relief of stress and pain and to promote healing.

At Tischler & Patch Dental we have the latest technology in the dental field. All of our X-Rays are low radiation digital imaging. Instead of impressions we take digital scans of teeth and implants. Our in house dental laboratory is all CAD CAM milling and design. We have computers throughout the office so we can educate our patients and communicate ideal treatment. .Our in office CAT Scan digitally creates a 3D image of our patients jaws for ideal implant planning. We feel that through having the latest technology we can offer safer and more predictable care for our patients.

Root canal treatment is a common procedure in which the pulp of a severely damaged tooth is removed in order to prevent the loss of the tooth. When a tooth becomes severely decayed, cracked, or damaged by trauma, the pulp of the tooth can become infected or inflamed, making root canal therapy necessary. Since the pulp is where the nerves are located, many feel pain or increased sensitivity when they apply pressure to the tooth, especially when chewing.

Children have unique dental concerns. Tischler & Patch Dental offers many treatments to address these concerns. Among them are sealants and non metallic fillings.. Sealants protect the teeth from the bacteria that cause decay and help to prevent the need for expensive future treatments such as fillings and crowns. Creating a fun favorable dental experience is the most important part of a child's dental visit.

Conscious sedation can eliminate anxious patients' apprehensions about dental treatment. Conscious sedation can be administered orally (using a pill) or intravenously (with a needle). If you are one of the millions of people who have put off going to the dentist because of anxieties or fears related to dental care, sedation dentistry may be the solution for you. Delaying dental treatment can cause relatively minor dental problems, such as gum disease, to become major dental issues that require extensive intervention. Sedation dentistry allows patients to overcome anxieties and get the treatment they need. As an added benefit, sedation dentistry allows patients to combine multiple procedures into one or two visits, saving time and limiting inconvenience.

We are excited to offer the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® to our patients who are suffering from gum recession. Unlike a gum graft, this advanced technique allows Dr. Milton to treat receding gums without a scalpel or sutures. Compared to traditional techniques, this minimally invasive procedure promotes a faster recovery with less post-operative pain, swelling, and bleeding. The entire procedure can be comfortably performed with only a local anesthetic, and patients can expect to enjoy immediate cosmetic benefits.

Sleep apnea is a chronic sleeping condition in which a person's breathing becomes shallow or is completely interrupted during the night. This can lower your overall quality of sleep, leading to daytime drowsiness, irritability, and unexplained weight gain. Dr. Tischler and his team provide a number of non-surgical solutions, including oral devices, breathing therapies, and tips on long-term lifestyle management. 

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