Tischler & Patch Dental on May 30, 2017

Heartfelt notes from Grateful Patients

We continued to be humbled by the testimonials we receive, and value each and every one deeply.  They represent the fulfillment of our mission to bring the highest levels of care to our patients, and for this we can receive no higher praise.



From Casey in Saugerties


I’m happy to report Tischler and Patch Dental fixed my smile! After 3.5 month of  ’s mistake it feels sooooo good to smile again!

Need a dentist in Ulster County? TISCHLER AND PATCH!!! Ask for Dr. Claudia, she’s AMAZING!!!!!!

From Debbie in New York


Words cannot express how much my life has changed since you placed my full upper implanted bridge. I would never have believed that this whole process, (sinus lifts, bone grafts, and everything in between) would be so pain free, stress free and with an end result of giving me my smile back and the ability to chew food thoroughly and to eat everything I hadn’t been able to eat for a very long time. I can’t thank you enough, along with your girls and the rest of your wonderful staff, that helped me through this process. I feel so lucky to have found you.

God bless you, you offer such a wonderful service to us and you always go above and beyond. I wish you all the best with your practice at your beautiful facility.


From Susan O.

Dear Michael,

I would like to express, in the most heartfelt way, my appreciation to you, Michael and all your staff for bringing a smile back into my life! it’s the start of many new beginnings for me. Your thoughtful attention to my well-being is a true blessing… nothing short of miraculous. Please know that I will always very strongly recommend any and all dental procedures to you and your office.

Thank you so much, many blessings


From Joseph D.

Dear Buzzy,

I have been a Massage Therapist and personal Trainer for twenty plus years. For the past two and a half years I have been dealing with health issues and I was unable to determine the root cause of my medical problems. After extensive work with an herbalist, we determined that mercury poisoning was most likely the cause for the slow decline of my overall health. After educating myself on the subject of mercury poisoning, I attempted to locate a dentist which I felt was qualified and provided the level of confidence required to perform mercury removal.

After several failed attempts my wife found Tischler & Patch Dental online. Once I reviewed Tischler & Patch Dental’s background and contacted your office, I immediately felt as though I had finally hit a home run. Today I sit here free of mercury and the fear of its negative health implications, and a new improved smile. Once I spoke with Dr. Maurice (Buzzy) Tischler I immediately felt confident in his technical abilities. When my wife and I arrived at Tischler it became evident the entire staff had a single focus and their goal was to make the patient feel at ease. Buzzy provided a superior level of care throughout my several visits. His homeopathic training has assisted in my recovery and decontamination process. Buzzy continues to contact me periodically to monitor my progress and offer guidance towards my recovery. Finally, I extend my thanks to the entire Tischler family for all of their assistance and professionalism. Special thanks to Jennifer Cerillo and the other technicians that provided continuing assistance to Buzzy during my work.

From Jack S.

To Tischler & Patch Dental,

I was very impressed with your 1st class facility and your caring and attentive staff. I felt like I got the royal treatment. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during my stay Thursday. It was a long drive for me. Your staff was very welcoming and I felt at ease upon my arrival. It was well worth the 4-hour round trip.I was equally impressed with Dr. Tischler Sr.’s wealth of knowledge and chair side manner. Judy was very efficient and kind.I look forward to a long healthy relationship with all of your staff. I can’t say enough great things about you guys. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

From Peg S.

To Tischler & Patch Dental,

No more bridges, no more partials. Now I have dental implants. I am very pleased with both the cosmetic improvement and comfort. I can even eat an apple! Thanks again Michael and staff for your great accomplishment ( and your care, concern, and kindness).

From Nancy R.

To Tischler & Patch Dental,

One of my earliest recollections of pain was inflicted by a dentist. The experience turned into a lifetime fear of dentists, which only magnified with age.

The consequences of this have been neglected dental care. I only went when there was no other choice. Each time these emergencies would be taken care of I would make a vow to go regularly-never happened-my fear overcame any good intent.

Fast-forwarding to the present, I am in my mid-sixties and for the past 4-5 years have practiced not smiling. I was ashamed of the discoloration, decayed areas, and chipped spots. Eating or drinking at any temperature caused aching somewhere, I finally realized I had to make a decision to save what I had before it was too late.

So I went onto the internet, and luckily found Tischler & Patch Dental (and more importantly Michael Tischler). From our initial consult, he has a way of putting his patient at ease, you immediately trust him and feel he can achieve all that he described that is needed. He takes time, I never felt rushed or unimportant.

My work began in early September and was completed early December. The results are miraculous, the before and after pictures astonishing! My own self-esteem has increased 200%+! I am now practicing smiling again, a pleasure.

I found not only what I needed in a dentist but one at the top of his profession! He takes immense pride in his work and the satisfaction of how it can transform not only looks but health. I can not express my delight in the “new” me.

His assurance to me, and the friendliness, understanding, encouragement and concern given to me by all his staff, is what gave me the support needed to see the work through to completion. My anxiety has definitely diminished, and will now help me to have regular check-ups without fear.

I found the right dentist for me and I am so grateful.

From Lisa S.

As a member of the Health Care Profession, I found myself researching for an experienced Dentist who was Board Certified by the American Board of Oral/Implantology/Implant Dentistry. My Internet research led me to Dr. Michael Tischler in Woodstock, NY. I made an appointment for a Consultation and was met with a Professional and friendly office staff. Dr. Michael Tischler performed a comprehensive exam and devised a cooperative plan for a positive dental outcome.

A month later, in April of 2004, I went on to have pain free oral surgery in the office, and I was also able to donate my own bone for my implant graft. I received an oral sedative in the office prior to the surgery which allowed me to relax but still be able to follow any directions from the dentist. After surgery, my husband and I received clear verbal and written postoperative instructions and whatever prescriptions for medication that I would be taking. The dental office called later that evening and the next day to see how I was feeling. In January of 2005, the final restoration of my front tooth was accomplished. The positive outcome that had been carefully carried out step by step was realized. I could now smile with confidence!

In the interim, I have transferred the dental care of my 3 children to Tischler & Patch Dental. I am motivated of course, by my positive outcome, but also because they incorporate a safer approach to dental practice. My children receive X-rays that are all digital and if they need a filling it is done with a mercury free restoration material. Being a Registered Nurse I know that these issues are extremely important to the health and safety of my children. Living over 100 miles away, I genuinely feel very lucky to have such an awesome dentist so close by.

From Ellen B.

Dear Michael and The Tischler & Patch Dental team,

I first saw Dr. Michael about 3 years ago after the dentist I had been seeing for many years said that he felt it was time to have my teeth pulled and get dentures. My mouth was still like a “trainwreck” after many years of bonding, crowns, bridges, etc.

On our first appointment, Dr. Michael said that pulling all of my teeth was not necessary and he felt that he could greatly improve my situation. And three years later I have beautiful teeth, no discomfort, and no difficulty eating. I’ve had numerous implants so far and expect to have more when it’s necessary. Some of them have been a challenge due to extensive bone loss but Dr. Michael always seems to be able to figure something out to remedy the situation.

I’ve had few doctors who seem to love what they’re doing as much as he does and it shows by the quality of his work and the individual care I have received. I’ve never had a problem reaching him after his normal work hours when it was necessary. His staff is amazing and his equipment is state of the art.

I would recommend Dr. Michael Tischler to anyone who isn’t afraid to try something new and with such excellent results!

From Steve C.

To Tischler & Patch Dental,

It is my pleasure to refer anybody who asks about my experiences with implants. Mike and his great crew have given my life back to me…It is so wonderful not having to worry about dentures and all the mess that goes with them. I would strongly recommend to anyone who asks, to consider implants over dentures. I know it has made me feel whole again. Thank you so much… My best to all at Tischler & Patch Dental.

From Maryjean

Dr. Michael Tischler,

When I walked into your office last April you were pretty much my last hope. For most of my adult life, I have suffered from physical, emotional, and cosmetic dental problems. I cannot tell you how many times in the past thirty years that I have sought help from various dentists and have walked away from their offices still in pain and still depressed about my teeth.

Long story short, I am extremely pleased with the results of my dental implants. I find myself smiling all the time. Thank you for your kindness, your gentle manner, and your expertise (you are very good at what you do), and thanks to your wonderful staff for their professionalism and kindness.

From Marilyn C.

To Tischler & Patch Dental,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge Dr. Fred Milton and Jeri for all that they are doing for my dental health. I wish to thank them for making my visits free of anxiety and treating me with great respect.

My travel time to your office is one and a half hours. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not that I didn’t think of changing. I cannot think of a better dentist anywhere.

Finding Dr. Milton was a gift as I had become very discouraged about dentists because they didn’t answer my questions about procedures.When I addressed my concern to Dr. Milton he compassionately informed me that I could ask any questions I wanted to.

When I come I am greeted by your staff in the front office and it just continues throughout. Jeri is very caring and sensitive to what I may need.

My teeth feel wonderful for the first time in many years and I thank Dr. Milton a lot. He cares about general health and offers suggestions and alternatives to improve my health

I am so fortunate to have found a dentist who cares about the whole person.

Thank you, Dr.Fred Milton, for blessing New York with your knowledge and caring.

I wish Tischler & Patch Dental all the best in your new endeavors and look forward to coming to your new facility.