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Dr. Michael Tischler

I appreciate and fully respect the referral of your patient for my care.

Michael Tischler, DDS FAGD

Through treatment at the "Implant Center" at Tischler & Patch Dental, you can be assured that your patients will be treated with the latest technology, techniques and care..

When you refer your patient to me for implants or bone grafting, you will become uniquely part of the "team approach" and I will assist and involve you in the treatment process.

Your patient can be returned to your office and the final implant crown sent to you ready to be cemented. That is the Tischler simplified fixed protocol. It is simply clinically better and more profitable for you. Read below and see here how this can benefit you both clinically and financially.

Implant dentistry is a prosthetically driven discipline, so the implant or bone graft I create for your patient will be performed with your patients final end result in mind from the beginning.

Our in-office I-Cat CT is used for every procedure I perform, to plan each case. Through a 3D view on the CT, a bone graft or implant placement is designed to support the end result. You, as the referring dentist are involved in this process through an online interactive meeting with a 3D imaging company. (This concept is spelled out in an article published by me in 2008)

My unique patient referral protocol:

1. The entire process is planned from a CT scan and you are involved from the beginning. This is the ultimate in a "team approach" and creates the ultimate in treatment planning and in upholding the standard of care in our profession.

2. The process of tooth replacement for your patient can be made as simple as having your patient returned to your office with the abutments placed and torqued down, provisional's on the abutments, and a crown or crowns sent to you ready to be cemented. This unique protocol creates incredible simplicity for you as a referring doctor.It is easier that crown and bridge on natural teeth. No parts to be concerned about or steps to know. It doesn't get easier than this or make more business sense. Call or e mail me and I will send you information that explains why and how.

If you would like to be more involved with the various steps involved then that can also be arranged. These options are made possible because of my unique perspective as a general dentist and surgeon of the surgical and prosthetic steps that are involved.

Please call our office to discuss your case with me personally.

Michael Tischler, DDS FAGD

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