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Prettau® Implant Bridge New York

This is the Prettau Zirconia Bridge. If you have missing teeth, have dentures or have endless dental problems,  this is the ideal dental solution. Michael Tischler, DDS and Scott Ganz, DMD feel strongly that no other option can compare. At Tischler & Patch Dental the surgeon, restorative dentist and laboratory is in one location. When you look at  every other available option in implant dentistry, Prettau has so many advantages. Compared to implant over-dentures, or any "All -On" or hybrid  acrylic implant bridge, this is far superior. Tischler & Patch Dental in Woodstock, NY is the leading Prettau Bridge practice and laboratory in the US. Patients travel from 3 hours or more every day for us to transform their lives. Doctors from across the US and Canada use Tischler & Patch Dental Laboratory to provide the prettau bridge for their patients. Prettau is not acrylic or removable by the patient and is considerably more affordable than other options, making it better than every other choice available to replace missing teeth on dental implants.

Tischler & Patch Dental is a National training center for dentists to learn the Prettau Bridge techniques. It is not only provided here at Tischler & Patch Dental, but it is created at our own laboratory. Tischler & Patch Dental Laboratory is the number one Prettau Laboratory in the USA! When it comes to setting standards for patient care and quality dentistry, Dr. Michael Tischler  and the team at Tischler & Patch Dental is totally committed to excellence.  There are questions you should be asking when choosing an implant dentist. At Tischler & Patch Dental, we believe that the dental restorations we provide you should not simply mask cosmetic flaws or conceal oral conditions. Each treatment you receive from us should be a step toward better health, greater happiness, and stronger self-esteem. Our desire to change your life with dental implants is exactly why Dr. Tischler offers the Prettau® Implant Bridge at his 6-star facility in New York. Offering Prettau® impalnts is just one example of how we are utilizing the best technology on the planet to go above and beyond for our valuable patients. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Tischler's expertise in the Preattau® Implant Bridge and its benefits, contact our unique dental practice in New York today.

The Prettau® Implant Bridge is not just another dental implant option; it represents the future of tooth replacement technology in form, function, and aesthetics. The Prettau® Zirconia Bridge offers distinct advantages over other alternatives, which makes it the option of choice for eligible patients.

  • Many of our patients suffer from an allergy or other adverse reactions to metal, but this 100 percent biocompatible Zirconia restoration is metal-free, eliminating such risk.
  • The un-matched strength of the Prettau® zirconia, means no chipping.
  • Restoring your mouth with this groundbreaking treatment will dramatically improve your ability to chew, eat, and speak normally and comfortably. It will change your life on many levels.
  • Completely customizable to each patient's needs and wants, the bridge can be molded to precisely fit your jaw and colored specifically to match your gums and the shade of white you prefer.
  • And perhaps the best part? No one will know the difference between your restoration and a natural smile.

Quality for a Lifetime

Many of our patients come to see us after pouring time, money, and energy into poorly designed restorations - restorations that include broken crowns, defective bridges, and ineffective treatments. The Prettau® Implant Bridge has changed that for our New York patients. Those who have had success with this treatment have gone from hiding toothless smiles, struggling through painful meals, and avoiding conversations to feeling whole again, regaining confidence in their appearance and their expressions. The Prettau® bridge is the longest lasting, most effective way to replace your missing teeth, bar none, and we are proud to offer it to our patients.

Custom Fitting for Complete Satisfaction

Built for full-jaw implants, the Prettau® Zirconia bridge is designed using CAD CAM technology. Dr. Tischler will use this tool to create a meticulously accurate computer-generated model of your restoration. From this model, your implant bridge will be custom-milled out of a block of Zirconia. Your temporary bridge is also created with CAD CAM technology out of a high quality plastic from Zirkonzahn, a Prettau® parent company. Integral to the success of your treatment, this unique step is what sets the Prettau® process apart from the rest.

Learn More about the Prettau® Implant Bridge

Don't spend another day living with ineffective and costly restorations, or an incomplete smile. Tischler & Patch Dental has the power to rejuvenate your smile and your oral health beyond your wildest dreams. Contact Dr. Tischler in New York today to discuss costs or to schedule a consultation for the Prettau® Implant Bridge.

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