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Types of Dental Implants – New York

An older couple hugs and smiles together after receiving dental implantsLiving your life with missing teeth is like trying to win a game of chess without all the pieces. If your incomplete smile, missing teeth, or failing teeth are keeping you from living your life fully then dental implants are the answer., Dr. Michael Tischler can educate you about the aesthetic and oral health benefits of dental implants. At Tischler & Patch Dental, our team of world-renowned experts will show you how unrivaled skill, the most modern technology, and high quality patient care can transform a routine trip to the dentist into a 6-star experience. The various types of dental implants we provide at our New York facility are designed to maximize your smile's potential in both health and appearance and are customized to fit your individual needs. Contact Tischler & Patch Dental today to schedule a consultation.

Prettau® Implant Bridge

The Prettau® Implant Bridge is one of the most revolutionary treatments offered at Tischler & Patch Dental. Our facility is one of only a few in the world to fabricate the bridge in our own laboratory and to masterfully design and place it using CAD CAM technology. These 100% biocompatible Zirconia restorations are digitally mastered to look, feel, and function naturally in your mouth. With impeccable resistance to chipping and staining, this metal-free option holds the spot as the most effective way to replace your missing teeth. When you look at all the alternative options to replace teeth with dental implants, Prettau is the best answer on many levels.

Prettau Anterior®

Made from the same revolutionary material as the Prettau® Implant Bridge, Prettau Anterior® restorations are uniquely suited for the front of the mouth. Crowns and bridges made from zirconia possess many of the same qualities as your natural teeth, and are virtually indistinguishable within your smile. If you are in need of restorative work in the anterior region of your mouth, this material represents the finest option.

Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants are made of titanium and have a diameter of approximately 4 mm. Because they have a track record of several decades of success, traditional implants are considered to be the “gold standard” of dental implants. When implants were first developed, they were all made from titanium and were all essentially the same size. Newer developments have expanded dental implant technology so that more patients can take advantage of their benefits. However, traditional implants remain an excellent choice for a large number of patients. We offer traditional implants as well as specialized restoration and implant systems like the Prettau implant bridge. We no longer offer mini implants but have various implants and sizes, including zirconia implants. 

Implant-supported Dentures

Put the days of messy adhesives, ill-fitting dentures, and discomfort behind you. With implant-supported dentures you can enjoy the benefits of a complete and beautiful smile without the hassle of a removable appliance. Supported by just a few strong titanium dental implants, dentures can provide the same function and aesthetic appeal as a natural smile. Replacing your teeth with implant-supported dentures can preserve your bone structure and soft-tissue to keep your mouth and face looking young and healthy.


For over ten years, Dr. Tischler has chosen to use BioHorizons® dental implants to replace patients' missing teeth. When it comes to finding the longest lasting, strongest, most natural-looking and fully functioning tooth replacement available, BioHorizons® dental implants are second to none. After so many years of perfecting the implantation procedure, Dr. Tischler has the knowledge and experience to stand behind the quality of these restorations so you can rest assured that you'll have nothing but the best.

Z Systems® zirconia dental implants

One of the newest advances in dental implantology is the all-ceramic Z System ® implant. Designed to promote bone growth and cater to patients with allergies or complications with metal implants, z-systems implants are revolutionary. Made with the highest quality Zirconia material, we provide this type of dental implant at our New York facility to improve the osseointegration process (the fusing of the implant to the jawbone) and reduce the risk for allergic reaction in particularly sensitive patients.

Learn More about Types of Dental Implants

At Tischler & Patch Dental, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide exceptional, patient-specific treatment. In offering many types of dental implants to our New York patients, we hope to give everyone who struggles with a damaged smile a chance to dramatically improve their oral health, rejuvenate their appearance, and boost their confidence. Please don't hesitate to contact Tischler & Patch Dental today to schedule a consultation and see how our services can help.

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