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Dental Implant Technology New York


Biohorizons dental ImplantsAs leaders in dental implant surgery and restoration, Tischler & Patch Dental has committed to using nothing but the very best in dental implant technology. BioHorizons® dental implants are second to none in durability, strength, form, and function. These small, yet incredibly strong titanium implants have been Dr. Michael Tischler's only choice for decades. Since they are made of biocompatible material, BioHorizons® abide by our holistic dentistry approach and contribute to the betterment of each aspect of your health. BioHorizons® dental implant technology is one of many spectacular tools used at our New York practice to make your experience at Tischler & Patch Dental one of a kind. 

CT Scan

CAT Scan MachineOur in-office CT scan machine is one of only a few in the Hudson Valley and gives us a chance to enhance the accuracy of our diagnoses. Providing the ability to visualize and plan dental implant placement digitally, the CT scan is an invaluable tool. In fact, Dr. Tischler doesn't perform an implant surgery without using the CT scan first. Planning surgery and restoration with the CT scan enhances your results tenfold. Using computer-guided dental implant technology, we can perfect the placement of your implants for long-term success. 

CAD CAM Technology

The creation of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD CAM) technology was one of the most valuable advances in dental technology. It now allows us to produce tooth-colored prosthetics in our on-site dental laboratory in a matter of hours. The restorations created by our state-of-the-art CAD CAM machine are fabricated from a block of composite, porcelain, or Zirconia, and each one is crafted specifically for the patient. You won't have to worry about your crowns or bridges not fitting  comfortably in your mouth, because the CAD CAM accuracy is more than 200 percent greater than that of a traditionally fabricated restoration. Advanced dental implant technology cannot be found just anywhere, but our New York facility is determined to offer the best.

Tischler & Patch Dental Lab

Tischler & Patch Dental LaboratoryDrs. Michael Tischler and Claudia Patch have extensive experience in the surgical and prosthetic aspects of the Prettau® Bridge at Tischler & Patch Dental in Woodstock, NY. Lab director Jose Echeverry oversees the lab operations as well as communications with clients. Call Jose with any questions you have. Michael and Claudia enjoy interacting with their dental colleagues. Feel free to call them to lean on their clinical expertise. We are fortunate to be one of the first dental practices in America to offer this incredible Prettau® product. We all want to make your office visit successful!

Patients travel from all over the USA for full-arch or tooth replacement with the Prettau® Bridge. Their experience has transformed Tischler & Patch Dental Laboratory into the leading Prettau® laboratory in America. There are so many steps and nuances that make this Prettau® prosthesis work. It's all about experience - please lean on our expertise.

Computer-guided Implants

CAT Scan ImageWith one of the only in-office CT scan machines in the Hudson Valley, implant surgery is done in a safer and faster manner at Tischler & Patch Dental. The ICat CT machine allows us to visualize anatomy, and plan implant cases better, faster and safer. Often implants can be loaded the same day they are placed. This teeth-in-a-day protocol is only available because of the pre-planning available from the ICat machine and Sim Plant software.

Through visualizing our patients' anatomy on a three-dimensional level, we can plan both the surgical and final prosthetic end result to a much higher level than has been previously seen. There is no reason not to look at an implant surgery in this light, and in fact we always utilize this technology, as it is available right here in our office.

Learn More about Dental Implant Technology

If you're missing teeth, have failing dental work, or your removable dentures are wearing on your confidence and your patience, it's time to come in to Tischler & Patch Dental and see what our revolutionary dental implant technology can do for you. Contact us in New York today to schedule a consultation.

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