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Oral Health Benefits of Dental Implants New York

The joy of eatingDr. Tischler knows that missing teeth can affect  a person on many levels. The inability to chew can take it's toll from a nutritional and social standpoint. There is no better way to replace teeth than with dental implants. They are simply life changing. If there is one thing to remember about how dental implants impact your health, it's that the benefits don't stop at your teeth. Dr. Michael Tischler has a deep and unique understanding of the interconnectedness of your oral and overall health and approaches each of his dental implant patients with that perspective in mind. When a person doesn't have to wear a denture, their self esteem increases, and this has a big impact on a persons life. With the right dentist, the most advanced technology and techniques available, and a commitment to great hygiene, the oral health benefits of dental implants are endless. Contact us in New York today to learn more about the dental implant procedure.

Better for Your Teeth

Most obviously, dental implants can improve the health of your teeth. Damage, injury, neglect, and decay can be very hard on your smile; your teeth may crack, chip, break, or fall out entirely if left uncared for or because of trauma. These imperfections can harbor bacteria that may increase existing decay or damage, and will also weaken your teeth over time, making it more likely that severe breakage could occur. Additionally, the condition of your teeth affects the way you chew, eat, and speak, and can cause chronic tooth, jaw, and neck pain or headaches. Whether you replace your failing teeth with the Prettau® Implant Bridge, single-tooth implants, or mini dental implants, the oral health benefits of dental implants are tremendous. In fact, dental implants have been changing the lives of our New York patients for many years.

Better for Your Gums

The Prettau BridgeThe literature shows that if a person loses their teeth due to gum disease, that dental implants can offer a new start. This success occurs because of the planning that is done with our in- office CAT Scan machine.The condition of your teeth is directly related to the condition of your gums and the other soft-tissues in your mouth. As previously mentioned, bacteria can build up in the cracks in your teeth, but the risk of further damage does not only apply to your tooth's enamel. If the condition goes untreated, and the bacteria begin to collect on or around your gum line, periodontal (gum) disease is highly likely. By replacing damaged teeth and treating bacteria-rich hiding places such as open gaps, the health of your gums will improve dramatically. It is important to remember that even dental implants require diligent care, so the health of your gums is also determined by your dedication to an at-home hygiene routine.

Better for You

There's no question that the way you treat your teeth is reflected in your overall health. Missing teeth, periodontal disease, and endodontic disease can all have a detrimental effect on the rest of your body. Gum disease alone has a history of contributing to conditions such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and preterm birth.

Besides the amount of physical damage that can result from poor oral health, the emotional toll it takes is also troubling. If you're embarrassed of your smile or lack confidence when expressing yourself, it can quickly affect your self-confidence and general well being.

Learn More about the Oral Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dr. Tischler chose to center his practice around dental implants because they offer distinct advantages over every alternative. We stand behind the quality of the dental implants we use and hold patient care to the highest standard. There is no better place to learn more about the oral health benefits of dental implants, so contact us in New York today.

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