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Dental Implants Financing Options Can Help You Rebuild Your Smile

happy couple with nice smilesWe can make the cost of dental implants affordable for anyone. Although dental implants can be a more costly option than other restorative procedures, they are the absolute best means of replacing lost teeth and their supporting restorations. They restore the function of your smile and preserve your oral health like no other treatment can. However, no insurance plan covers the entire cost of this treatment. In fact, most plans offer no coverage at all for dental implants.

Fortunately, there are flexible dental implant financing options available at our New York practice that make this excellent treatment affordable. The team in our financing department has helped many patients find innovative budgeting solutions that allow them to receive the treatment that they need. If you have suffered tooth loss, and would like to learn more about how dental implants can restore your smile - and your quality of life - please contact our office to make an appointment with one of our doctors. One of our treatment coordinators will be happy to explain your financing options so that you can take advantage of the many benefits of dental implants.

Factors Affecting the Total Cost of Dental Implants

No two patients' needs are the same, so the cost of treatment using dental implants is different in every case. The number of implants being placed, as well as the type of crown, bridge or denture used to restore the implants will make a difference in cost. Multiple implants will cost more than a single implant, and a premium restoration like the Prettau® Implant Bridge will cost more than a traditional denture because it is significantly more durable and looks much more realistic.

Computerized tomography (CT) scans are an expense common to every treatment we provide at Tischler & Patch Dental. CT scans help us to ensure the highest degree of safety and the best long-term results by providing a detailed map of your facial bone structure. This information allows us determine the most effective positioning of your dental implants and create the very best support system for your restorations.

CT scans also provide a clear picture of the state of your jaw, and reveal the need for any special preparatory treatments, such as bone grafting. If you have waited to address missing teeth, you may have experienced some bone atrophy, or shrinkage of the jaw. A bone graft can restore lost bone mass and create a proper foundation for an implant. Bone grafting increases the overall cost of placing dental implants, but it is often essential to providing a successful treatment.

During your consultation with Dr. Tischler, we will review all aspects of your treatment plan so that you fully understand the procedure, its benefits, and its cost.

Dental Implant Financing Options

We offer several financing options to help patients afford the life-changing benefits of dental implants:

Care Credit Financing

Care Credit is our preferred way to have patients finance dental work. Easy application and fast results. More information can be found by clicking here.


Springstone℠ Patient Financing

Springstone℠ offers many different financing plans that range from no-interest short-term plans to low-interest extended plans. 

Click here for Springstones website and application.

Citi® Health Cards

Citi® Health Cards work just like credit cards, but they are designated exclusively for health-related expenses at authorized providers. They offer flexible payment plans with low interest rates. 

Click here for Citi® Health's information and application.

Other Financing Options

We also work with CareCredit℠, one of today's most prominent third-party medical financing companies. For patients undergoing extensive treatment, we can sometimes offer in-house financing with little or no interest. For patients who need an extended amount of time for repayment, we recommend Springstone℠ or Citi® Health Cards. We also offer a courtesy prepayment discount for patients who pay for their entire treatment up front.

Our Commitment to Your Smile

We have specialized treatment coordinators who will sit down with you to analyze your financial portfolio. Our practice is known for finding creative financial solutions in order to make critical treatments attainable for our patients. We are willing to take the time and go the extra mile to ensure that all of our patients are able to receive the care that they need. 

Schedule a Consultation

If you have any questions about dental implants or the different financing options that we have available, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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