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Dental Implant Consultation New York

Dental Implants are a huge decision for our patients.We believe that it is our duty at Tischler & Patch Dental to prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically for your dental implant procedure. As an Internationally recognized lecturer and author, Dr. Tischler can explain dental implants very well and make it simple to understand.The dental implant consultation process we use at our New York facility is designed to educate and comfort you. Dr. Michael Tischler will dedicate this time to analyzing your teeth and gums, utilizing diagnostic technology such as CT scanning equipment, and addressing any questions or concerns you have. This appointment will give you a chance to acclimate yourself to our amazing dental facility and discover the numerous amenities available to you. If you would like to schedule your first consultation, contact Tischler & Patch Dental today.

Making You Feel at Home

One of the most notable qualities of Tischler & Patch Dental is the atmosphere we've created for our patients to enjoy. Our 6-star facility is designed to let the natural beauty and vibrant light of the Catskill mountains shine through our windows, illuminating the spectacular architecture and comforting environment of our office. Our office staff and team of dental experts will bend over backwards in order to make you feel at home here. We often hear that entering our office feels more like checking into a luxurious hotel than a dental office. People from all over the country travel far and wide to take advantage of the services we provide, and with the help of our concierge service, each of our patients can experience dentistry like never before.

Planning Your Treatment

CAT Scan Planning at Tischler & Patch DentalAt our New York practice, the physical and medical preparation done during your dental implant consultation is thorough and highly detailed. Dr. Tischler and our team want to ensure that the treatment you receive is precise and comprehensive, targeting the source of your oral condition and working from the root up. To guarantee that your treatment satisfies your oral health needs, Dr. Tischler does not perform a single dental implant procedure without rigorous pre-planning. An in-depth analysis of your health history gives us a chance to gather information about possible complications or setbacks. Having an understanding of these potential issues from the beginning allows us to plan your treatment accordingly. For example:

  • Services such as periodontal treatment and root canal therapy may be required, and if so must be addressed, before surgery can move forward.
  • A dental implant is never placed before Dr. Tischler uses radiography to assess your jawbone, soft-tissue, and teeth.
  • CT scans, oral cancer screening, and a TMJ evaluation all play a role in planning your procedure. The CT scan is especially important during the pre-planning phase, as it is the most advanced diagnostic technology available and allows Dr. Tischler to see exactly where and how your dental implants should be placed to ensure the most successful results.
  • In some cases, bone or soft-tissue grafting is required in order to provide the best foundation for your dental implants. Dr. Tischler has extensive practical and instructional experience in both of these treatments and is one of the most highly acclaimed grafting experts in New York.

The final step of the planning phase involves designing your new smile. Based on your oral condition, Dr. Tischler will determine which teeth need replacing and which restorations will provide the greatest function and most appealing form. There isn't a better facility to address every single aspect of your dental implant procedure or oral health needs.

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation

Your smile is one of your most expressive features, and at Tischler & Patch Dental, we believe that you deserve to have confidence in the way your teeth look. The only thing between you and a brand new, fully functional, and beautiful smile is a single phone call or email. We welcome you to contact Tischler & Patch Dental in New York today to get more information about the dental implant consultation. Gathering information and educating yourself about your oral condition can change your life forever.

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