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Dental Implant Candidate New York 

Panoramic x ray of Prettau Bridge on dental implants

At Tischler & Patch Dental, we work under the principle that each of our patients deserves the safest, most effective treatment for their particular needs. Dr. Michael Tischler and his team will always present you with multiple treatment options to ensure that you are comfortable with the care you are receiving and are mentally and emotionally prepared to commit to it. Your overall health and oral health will be two of the first things considered as we decide whether or not you are a dental implant candidateOur 6-star New York facility is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technology to ensure that any existing gum disease, oral cancer, or malocclusion is addressed prior to your dental implant procedure. Don't hesitate to contact Tischler & Patch Dental today to schedule your first dental implant appointment.

Missing Teeth

Implant patient with missing teeth before implantsIf you spent too many years practicing poor oral hygiene habits, or suffered an injury that severely damaged your teeth, you may be living without a complete smile. If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants are probably your best tooth-replacement option. These small, durable titanium screws are placed into your jawbone to mimic your missing tooth root and support a natural-looking restoration. As soon as you lose a tooth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate, and your remaining teeth start to shift out of place. By replacing it with a dental implant, you are providing support to your entire facial structure.

Failing Dentistry

So many of the patients we see come to us after spending years, and untold amounts of money and energy, trying to keep up with their failing dental work. If crowns, bridges, dentures, or even implants are poorly constructed or sloppily placed, the fiscal, physical, and emotional cost can add up quickly. Dr. Tischler has devoted decades of his life to perfecting the dental implant surgical process, uncovering the world's highest quality restorations, and acquiring the most advanced implantation technology to ensure that no matter the state of your oral health, he can provide you with virtually faultless results. With the Prettau® Implant BridgeBioHorizons® dental implants, and computer-guided implant technology, there is no better place to replace your failing dentistry than Tischler & Patch Dental. Find out if you are a dental implant candidate by scheduling a consultation at our New York facility.

Wearing Dentures

Lower dentures are difficult to wearWearing removable dentures can be an incredible hassle. They may fit uncomfortably in your mouth, slip and slide while you speak or eat, and require messy adhesives. At Tischler & Patch Dental, we provide dental implants and implant-supported dentures for patients just like you. By replacing your removable appliance with something more permanent, longer lasting, and more natural looking, your entire smile can improve. Stop worrying that your teeth will slip right out, and rest assured that your implant-supported dentures won't fail you. Restore your ability to chew and speak with confidence - see if implant-supported dentures or a full-arch restoration such as the Prettau® Implant Bridge are right for you.

Find Out if You are a Dental Implants Candidate

Upon their debut, dental implants were a revolutionary tooth-replacement option. Over the last few decades, Tischler & Patch Dental has continued to improve the way that implants benefit your smile, your health, and your life. If you have missing teeth, wear dentures, or are tired of wasting time and money on failing dentistry, contact us in New York to find out if you are a dental implant candidate.

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