Tischler & Patch Dental on May 20, 2017

There are a number of problems that can occur after your jawbone begins to lose volume, and it is critical that you seek a professional opinion immediately after losing a tooth. Seek out the Top Implant Dentist in NY!

Dr. Michael Tischler is one of the most highly acclaimed bone grafting experts in New York.

The many articles Dr. Tischler has published have become excellent professional resources for dentists all over the country and are evidence of the astounding respect Tischler & Patch Dental has earned among the dental community.

The following sections take you through the robust procedures our practice has developed to ensure maximum success.

Jawbone Analysis and Treatment Planning

Bone grafting is a procedure used for dental implant patients who have lost a significant amount of bone mass after tooth loss, leaving their remaining bone tissue insufficient to support an implant.

If it is determined that bone grafting is required to move forward with your dental implant surgery, a comprehensive and thorough consultation will help Dr. Tischler define the specific the details of your procedure. Your medical and dental history will play large roles in this process, as will the severity of the resorption of your bone.

An interactive CT scan will provide visualization of your jaw’s ridge, the anatomy of your sinus bone, and the surrounding bone that may be used to accomplish the graft. Essential to the pre-planning phase, Dr. Tischler requires a comprehensive CT scan for every bone graft patient.



Your Initial Appointment and Consultation

During your first visit, Dr. Tischler will discuss your temporary restoration options. This includes the prosthetic you wear while your jawbone heals, that will provide both aesthetic and functional benefits without affecting the grafted area.

The bone graft healing period generally lasts between four and six months but is dependent on your individual treatment and personal needs. As with any of our treatments, your commitment to diligent hygiene and care are essential to the success of the bone graft and dental implant procedure.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

At Tischler & Patch Dental, we offer sedation dentistry options to help you relax during your appointment and cope with dental anxiety.

Once you’re comfortable, Dr. Tischler will begin the meticulous, methodical, and carefully organized bone graft. The specific materials used to augment your jawbone so that it can support dental implants (Bone Material from another location, Demineralized, Freeze-Dried Bone Allografts or DFDBAs, Platelet-Rich Plasma Xenografts, or Connective Tissue Grafts) can dramatically improve the success of your treatment.

Bone grafting is a major part of our New York practice and is essential for our patients who have waited a little too long to seek our help. Finding an expert such as Dr. Tischler who has extensive experience and expertise in bone grafting can be the difference between a smile that lasts a lifetime and one that requires constant repair.

Dr. Tischler has been a proponent of DFDBA Putties for many years. These putties provide multiple advantages and allow the patient to wear a temporary denture during healing of the graft.

Learn More About Bone Grafting

There is no better practice in New York to receive safe, effective, and highly advanced bone grafting treatment than Tischler & Patch Dental.

If you’ve lost a tooth or have lived without a few of your teeth for too long, don’t hesitate to contact us today.