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At Tischler & Patch Dental, we pride ourselves in having the most up-to-date technologies available, from digital x-rays to laser dentistry. Our Woodstock practice - convenient to Hudson Valley, Dutchess County, and Ulster County - is a state-of-the-art facility equipped to provide the most accurate diagnoses and the most effective treatments.

i Tero Intra Oral Scanner​

The iTero intra-oral scanner from Cadent, brings the digital world to dental impressions. Never has the accuracy been so great compared to traditional putty tray impressions. The pure digital capture allows a true rendition of what is in the mouth and this is then used to create a digital file to design crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

Periolase Laser Treatment

Tischler & Patch Dental utilizes the only laser designed especially for laser periodontal therapy, the PerioLase® from Millennium Dental Technologies. Featuring a 6 watt FR (Free Running) Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser, the PerioLase® makes it possible to perform gum disease treatments without a scalpel or sutures.

Post-operative discomfort after periodontal treatments using the PerioLase® laser dentistry method is minimal, and the long term results are outstanding. Tischler & Patch Dental is one of the few PerioLase® certified laser dentistry offices in the Hudson Valley, Dutchess County, or Ulster County areas.

In Office CT Scan Machine

Icat logoTischler & Patch Dental was one of the first dental practices in the Hudson Valley with an in-office CAT scan machine. The enhanced diagnostic capabilities provided by being able to take 3D Cat Scan images in our office makes it possible for our dentists to visualize and plan treatments such as dental implants placement more predictably.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

VelscopeThe VELscope Oral Cancer screening device is life saving technology! We utilize the VELscope - the only FDA approved device for early detection of oral cancer - as part of our routine examination for all of our patients. Every hour of every day one person in North America dies from oral cancer. With early detection the survival rate is increased dramatically, from 50% to 80%. Unfortunately only 35% of oral cancer cases are caught early.

Review a PDF file on the VELscope

ZOOM!™ Teeth Whitening

ZoomThe Zoom!® Teeth Whitening System uses an innovative whitening gel to remove discoloration, lightening the teeth by as many as 10 shades or more. After just one simple, short in-office treatment, patients can enjoy teeth that look healthier and more attractive thanks to Zoom!® teeth whitening.

CO2/ECG/O2 Monitoring

Co2 MonitorOur Woodstock practice - convenient to Ulster County, Dutchess County, and the Hudson Valley - uses the latest in monitoring for the safety of our patients during conscious sedation procedures. Through measuring CO2 levels we are monitoring the most accurate level of respiration. We are also measuring electrical activity of the heart, oxygenation of the blood, and blood pressure, with the Criticare CSI 8100.

SimPlant CT Scanning

Sim PlantWith Sim Plant, we can interactively place implants on a digital image and measure precisely where they should be placed. This state-of-the-art treatment planning program allows for more predictable dental implant and bone grafting placement.

Digital X-rays

digital x raysSince 1998 our x-rays have been all digital. This allows 90% less radiation and a clearer picture than film. Through the use of Den Optix™ from Densply, all x-rays in our office utilize this patient-friendly digital technology. X-ray images are put on a computer monitor instead of a tiny piece of film, allowing zooming and enhancement. By seeing x-ray images in a larger format, you can understand your dental condition clearer, which often reduces apprehension about procedures.

Gendex EZ1 Intraoral Camera

intra oral cameraThe intra oral camera by Gendex is one of the most important tools that we use in our dental practice serving the Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Hudson Valley areas. This technology allows us to fully show our patients each dental procedure performed. This is a networked digital camera system about the size of a dental drill that magnifies an image of a tooth 30 times, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and better education for the dental patient. The image of a patient's mouth is clearly displayed on a TV monitor in the treatment room so the patient and doctor can see it. These images are printed out and put in the patient's chart for future reference. This alleviates much apprehension and makes for a more pleasant dental experience. Each of the eight treatment rooms in our office is equipped with this latest technology.

Telescopic Glasses

magnified glassesThe dentists at our Woodstock practice utilize surgical telescopic glasses to ensure all procedures are performed with the highest accuracy and quality. These are the same glasses worn by neurosurgeons. The advantage to our patients is a final result of all work performed, being scrutinized at the highest level.

Platelet Rich Plasma Centrifuge

pdgfFor dental implant and grafting procedures we utilize our patients own growth factors found in a patient's blood concentrate of platelets. Through utilizing an FDA-approved centrifuge we process our patients' platelets in our office. This safe, advanced procedure allows for documented better healing and results. This is something Dr. Michael Tischler has published and lectured on for years.

Serving Dutchess County, Ulster County, and the Hudson Valley

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of dental technologies such as laser dentistry, contact Tischler & Patch Dental - serving patients both locally (Hudson Valley, Ulster County, Dutchess County) and across the country.

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