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Dr. Michael Tischler

Travel to us from anywhere in the world for dental implant and full mouth reconstruction. The Tischler immediate implant loading protocol makes this possible!

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Why do Implant patients travel from all over the United States and all over the world to Tischler & Patch Dental in New York's Hudson Valley for treatment? Credentials, experience, world class awarded facility,internationally attended teaching center, in-office CT Scan machine, our own in-office dental laboratory, local resorts to stay at,and well renowned reputation are some of the reasons. The fact that 

The availability of a concierge service is also available for patients requesting that level of service. Click here for details.

Albany International and Stewart International Airport are less than one hour away also is another reason. Click here for directions and accommodations when flying to our facility.

With the internet and "Go To Meeting", we can treatment plan patients from anywhere, BEFORE they arrive at our state of the art facility. Utilizing our unique protocol, we can create a complete and personalized treatment plan before you travel so that dental work can begin on your very first visit. This unique Tischler & Patch Dental protocol, allows this to happen and has worked seamlessly over and over again.

This protocol involves us working with a local dentist YOU CHOOSE near you, at the beginning of treatment to help gather diagnostic information. You then have the option of having that dentist perform the restorative aspect of your implant case after the surgery and making that Dr. part of the treatment team. The restoration of implant cases can also be done by Dr. Tischler if you wish.

Protocol for Patients Coming From Out Of The Area:

1. Call Our Office at 845-679-3706 and ask for our "Long distance patient coordinator"

2. A phone consult appointment with Dr. Michael Tischler will be set up. There is not a fee for this consultation. Dr. Tischler will gather information from you about your needs, answer your questions and explain the next steps. This protocol involves working with your local dentist of choice, and the details will be explained to you at this time.

3. You will see your local dentist and bring our "required items protocol list" with you to show the dentist what we need to proceed with diagnosis. Click here for a PDF file to print out this list to bring with you. YOU will pay the local dentist for the treatment planning services and x-rays needed. This local dentist will be instructed on how to send the required materials to Dr. Tischler.

4. A second long distance consult appointment with Dr. Tischler will be made but this time with Skype, and everything will be reviewed. A computer with internet access is all that is needed. We will call you to set up this appointment with Dr. Tischler. There is no fee for this appointment.

5. You will next obtain a Cone Beam CT Scan of the area that needs implants or bone grafting. ( An article by Dr. Tischler on the importance of Cone Beam CT can be found here.)This is an important aspect to this protocol as the CT allows for a 3D view of your mouth and fabrication of guide stents for implant surgery. We will locate the closest Cone Beam CT scanning site nearest to you and help set up an appointment for for you for a CT and send a prescription. YOU will pay the scan site for the CT scan, and fees associated with a surgical guide and analysis will be paid directly to Tischler & Patch Dental with a credit card. These fees will be outlined at step #3 above.

6. A final phone consult with Skype will be made with Dr. Tischler where the final treatment plan will be made and presented. Finances will be discussed as will options for patient financing. Prescriptions will be sent to you. The informed consent forms will be reviewed at this appointment and travel plans will be arranged with you and an appointment made.

With our in-house dental laboratory and immediate loading technique with dental implants, your life can be changed in a few short days with our long distance protocol.

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