Dental Implant Surgery: Procedure and Cost 

for Patients from Hudson Valley, Ulster County, and Dutchess County

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At Tischler Dental, Dental Implants are one of our main areas of focus. Whether single implants or full mouth reconstruction with implants we do it all. This includes bone grafting and sinus grafting.

Questions to ask when choosing an implant dentist:

1. Has the dentist placed thousands of dental implants with the highest success rate possible? Dr. Tischler has placed and restored thousands of dental implants and used the same implant system, Biohorizons for the past 15 years with a success rate of around 98%. The benefits of using the same implant system consistently are numerous.

2. Is the dentist an Internationally recognized lecturer and author on dental implants and bone grafting? Dr. Tischler has lectured for the past 15 years in the US and Canada and has authored over 40 articles on dental implants and bone grafting. He has been put on the cover of Dentistry Today " The Nations Leading Clinical News Magazine For dentists" more than 12 times.

3. Does the dentist utilize an in-office CT Scan machine for ALL implant cases? Dr. Tischler has one of the only low radiation in-office CT Scan machines in the Hudson Valley, and every implant case is planned with a CT for safety and precision. Dr. Tischler lectures and publishes on CT Scans for dental implants.

4. Does the office have a dedicated surgical suite for placing dental implants? Tischler Dental has 2 surgical suites set up for implant surgery procedures. Every surgery is performed with a customized sterile set up, that Dr. Tischler had designed specifically for him. The award winning Tischler Dental facility is recognized as one of the pre eminent offices in the US.

5. Is the dentist a Diplomate in the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry? Dr. Tischler is one of only 400 dentists worldwide that has Diplomate status in the ABOI. This is recognized by many as the highest credentials available in the field. Dr. Tischler is also a Diplomate and has Fellowships in other organizations as well as being a Fellow and Graduate of the Misch International Implant Institute.

6. Does the dentist place AND restore dental implants? Dr. Tischler takes full responsibility for the implant process. The surgical placement and restoration of your implant case is done entirely at our Woodstock NY facility.

7. Is the dentist certified by NYS to offer conscious sedation, sleep dentistry? Dr. Tischler is certified by NYS for both oral and IV sedation. Dr. Tischler is also certified in Advanced Cardiac Life support and BLS for the utmost in safety.

8. Does your dentist offer the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge? Tischler Dental is one of the only dental offices in the US to offer both the fabrication of the Prettau Zirconia bridge in their own dental lab as well as delivery as a dental practice. This is the future of tooth replacement.

Dr. Michael Tischler is one of only 400 dentists worldwide that have Diplomat status with the American Board Of Oral Implantology Implant Dentistry. He lectures internationally and has published over 40 articles on implant dentistry and bone grafting in major dental journals. His best selling DVD is purchased by dentists from all over the world so they can learn the techniques of implant dentistry and bone grafting.Dr. Tischler's "for dentist" website is an example of his commitment to educating his colleagues about implant dentistry.

                     Tired of endless teeth problems or loose dentures?

"Treatment modalities such as treatment of gum disease, root canal therapy, and restorative services such as fillings, crowns and bridges can help patients towards better dental health.  We provide these services at Tischler Dental. There are times, however, when it might make more sense from a long term solution standpoint to replace teeth with a poor prognosis with dental implants. This determination can only be made after a comprehensive consultation where the risks and benefits of implant treatment are reviewed and all possible treatment options are discussed. Call us for a complimentary consultation to determine what is best for you.The temporization method on the path to the final Prettau Implant Bridge will depend on your exisiting bone quality and determined after a CAT Scan is taken"

Teeth Tomorrow™ allows you to arrive with endless dental problems that have frustrated you for years, and leave with new teeth the next day! Because of our own in house dental laboratory, and dedicated implant team, Teeth Tomorrow™ is possible at Tischler Dental. With a non-acrylic implant supported zirconia Prettau™ bridge as the final result, this is a truly unique and ideal solution for your dental problems.

In many cases, the dental implants can be used to support the temporary teeth on the way to the final zirconia Prettau Bridge™ The manner in which you are temporized, is determined by your bone quality after a CAT SCan is taken in our office.  

It is CLEAR why are we different than other implant centers and franchise practices?

1. We utilize The Prettau Zirconia Bridge™ as the final product NOT ACRYLIC. Acrylic is used by most implant dentists, implant centers and franchises and can easily chip and stain over time. Prettau Zirconia™ is the strongest dental material available and has a 5 year warranty against chipping or breakage.

2. Everything is done at award winning Tischler Dental. We are a serene 5 star facility, not an implant center or clinic with a corporate feel and atmosphere. Our dedicated surgical suite and in-office CAT Scan machine allows for the utmost safety for our patients.

Our dedicated Teeth Tomorrow ™ team consists of Nationally recognized implant surgeons Michael Tischler, DDS, and Scott, D Ganz, DMD and Prettau restorative dentist Claudia Patch DMD and our own nationally recognized and dedicated Prettau Laboratory- Tischler Dental Laboratory. We are also a training center for dentists from all over the world on the Prettau technique at our dedicated teaching facility.

3. Our all inclusive fee for the Teeth Tomorrow treatment sequence includes all extractions, CAT Scans, grafting, implants, temporary restorations and an overnight stay at a local hotel on the day of surgery. Our own in-office CAT SCan machine allows for low radiation CT diagnosis right at our facility.

4. We advocate placing 6 implants on the upper jaw and 5 implants on the lower jaw. We have done this for many years and our success rate of 98% stands on it's own. The implant centers and the "All on 4 " groups are simply less implants for a similar cost. More implants offer greater stability. It as simple as that.

5. We don't usually rely on bone grafting for implant placement. Since implants are placed between the sinuses or nerves on the lower, we can usually avoid bone grafting, saving cost and time for healing.

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Implant Dentists Dr. Michael Tischler. Scott Ganz DMD

The Implant surgeon, restorative dentist and laboratory in one location- Tischler Dental Woodstock



Michael Tischler, DDS and Scott Ganz DMD are two of the leading implant dentists in the World.. Lecturing, authoring articles and credentials set them apart.  At Tischler Dental all aspects of implant dentistry and bone grafting are performed by Michael Tischler, Scott Ganz DMD, and Claudia Patch, DMD From single tooth replacement to replacing an entire arch of teeth, all the surgical and restorative aspects can be done at Tischler Dental in Woodstock, NY/. Our in-office CAT Scan machine allows for the utmost in safety and predictability for successful implant restorations.  



Dr. Tischler's Presentation about the Prettau Implant Bridge

About implants:

An alternative to conventional dentures and bridges, dental implants are titanium posts that are anchored into the jaw to support artificial teeth, thereby replacing one or more missing natural teeth. Dental implants reduce bone loss in the jaw by preventing the jaw from falling into disuse. Surgery is an essential part of the dental implant procedure. To help ensure a successful result, the patient should have healthy gums and enough bone in the jaw to support the implant structure. The Dental Implant Suite at Tischler Dental is the only the surgical suite with a dedicated CT Scan in the Hudson Valley. Patients for implant surgery for come from Ulster County, Dutchess County, the entire Hudson Valley area and from all over the world to see dr. Tischler. Contact us to discuss the dental implant procedure, cost, or bone grafting with Dr. Tischler.

Every dental implant procedure or bone graft done at The Implant Practice at Tischler Dental is done with a CT Scan. This assures the utmost safety and success.


Dental Bone Grafting

Dr. Tischler is a leader in the field in bone grafting science and techniques. Bone is needed to support a dental implant. There are very few situations where bone can not be grown to support a dental implant. Dr. Tischler performs all types of grafting procedures including sinus grafting. Sinus grafts are often needed in the back of the upper jaw since the bone is soft and forces are greater. The many article Dr. Tischler has written on bone grafting can be seen here. This often leads to tooth loss. If the patient lacks the bone structure to support the implant, dental bone grafting surgery can be performed. In dental bone grafting, bone from another part of the mouth or body is adhered to the bone at the implant site to help encourage the bone to repair itself and add more structural support. After the dental bone grafting procedure is completed and the jaw has adequately repaired itself, the dental implant is placed in the patient's mouth. To learn more about bone grafting, contact Tischler Dental.

Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant is made up of a titanium screw and an artificial tooth. The procedure to place one or more dental implants takes place in several stages over multiple visits, more if dental bone grafting is needed. Due to the extensive amount of healing that is required, the entire process can take between three and six months, depending on the healing time needed by the patient.

The first part of the dental implant surgery involves the placement of the implant into the jaw bone. Patients who lack the necessary bone density for the anchor will require dental bone grafting surgery prior to this step. Once the bone in the implant site is deemed suitable for an implant, Dr. Tischler drills a small hole into the jaw and secures the titanium screw in place. During the healing process, additional bone will grow around the implant to secure it into place. Called osseointegration, this process is vital to the success of the implant as a whole.

Once the implant site and gums have healed, it is time to place the artificial tooth. During the final part of the dental implant procedure, a temporary replacement tooth is affixed to the post of the implant while the permanent tooth is crafted in a lab. The placement of the temporary tooth allows the gum to form naturally around the tooth so that it easily blends in with the surrounding natural teeth.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Since the treatment takes place in multiple steps, many patients are concerned about the cost associated with dental implants. Tischler Dental offers a variety of payment options and plans to help patients pay for the dental implant procedure. Discuss your concerns about the cost of dental implants with one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff members of our Hudson Valley practice.

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You are not alone! According to the Centers For Disease Control, 22% of the people over the age of 65 in New York State are missing ALL of their teeth. 44% are missing 6 or more teeth.

Replace ALL of your teeth permanently with the Prettau Implant bridge!

All done here at Tischler Dental

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The Prettau Bridge is named after region of Prettau in Northern Italy and was originated by Zirkonzahn the leader in Zirconia dental technology .We are aligned with Zirkonzahn. Tischler Dental and Tischler Dental Laboratory is one of only a select number of dental facilities that can fabricate the Prettau bridge in their own laboratory and deliver it as dentists. Click here for PDF Brochure on the Prettau Bridge

The Prettau Bridge protocol is unique and involves computer generated CAD CAM designing and milling of the actual bridge out of zirconia the hardest dental material available. The temporary screw retained bridge is also milled and designed CAD CAM. Special stains made for the Prettau zirconia are also used as part of this technique. This unique protocol from Zirkonzahn is time tested.

Dr. Michael Tischler feels that this is the future of replacing teeth that are missing or will be missing. The reason?. No acrylic to chip, totally impervious to staining, no metal substructure, gorgeous long lasting esthetics, and digitally milled and designed. The future is here! And it is at Tischler Dental and produced right here at Tischler Dental Laboratory. The Prettau Bridge protocol also offers the availability to offer a non denture tooth option soon after implant placement. This allows better stabilization of implants.This protocol has been widely used in Europe, and was originated in Italy named after the town of "Prettau in the Northernmost section of Italy .

Notice the life/like appearance of the upper and lower Prettau Bridge. Unlike acrylic solutions, the longevity is higher with regards to staining and chipping.

What is Zirconia?

  • Zircon (ZrSiO4) is a mineral belonging to the mineral class of Silicates, discovered in 1789 by M.H. Klaproth. • Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is a compound of the element zirconium occurring in nature and has already been used for 10-15 years in prosthetic dentistry due mainly to it's high bending strength. Why Zirconia? Zirconia has a high resistance and is fully biocompatible. It is increasingly used in dentistry (posts, crowns, bridges and implants). The white basic color of Zirconia. The possibility in dentin colors.Its biotechnological characteristics enable the production of biocompatible, high-quality and esthetic dental and implant reconstructions. Sintered Prettau Zirconia displays incredible density and smoothness. Therefore the material does not cause any wear on natural dentition. By contrast veneer porcelain (or even metal) will cause wear on natural dentition due to its highly porous structure which acts like sandpaper.

Call 845-679-3706 for a complimentary consultation to see how The Prettau Bridge can change your life.

Dr. Tischler was the first dentist in The Hudson Valley and Upstate New York to provide all ceramic Zirconia Cera Root dental implants as a service. These are the first non metallic dental implants with an acid etched surface for better bone growth.

For patients with concerns about metals and possible allergies, Zirconia Cera Root implants are the answer. Call for a consult.

Dr. Tischler performs both the surgical placement of dental implants and the restoration of the implant. Dr. Claudia Patch, works with Dr. Tischler to restore Complete Structure implant cases. We also use a CT Scan for every implant. Read more here about CT Scans.

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Learn More about the Dental Implant Procedure and Associated Costs

Tischler Dental has successfully performed dental implant surgery on many patients, including those who need dental bone grafting. Serving the communities of Hudson Valley, Ulster County, and Dutchess County, our staff is eager to answer your questions about the dental implant procedure, including cost. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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